More about Barben Bees

Jacques Barben has been a beekeeper since mid 2012. In an attempt to expand he started selling beekeeping equipment in Cape Town, through a prominent beekeeping supplier. In 2016 Jacques started Barben Bees with his wife-to-be, Janet. As of 2020 Jacques and Janet Barben are aspiring commercial beekeepers and enjoy sharing their experience with other beekeeping enthusiasts. Through the sale of beekeeping equipment to hobbyists and commercial beekeepers they have met individuals who also supply them with honey. They also sell honey, collected from both from their own hives and from their fellow beekeepers.They also manage hives on behalf of beekeepers that do not have the timeto do so them selfs. Hoerikwaggo Honey is one of their brands.

Our Mission

Jacques and Janet’s mission is to source locally produced honey, some of which is sourced from their own hives, and supply it to their friends and clients. They currently work from their home in Vredehoek and welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge with other aspringing beekeepers. In addition to the honey, they also supply beeswax to anyone who needs it. They offer workshops on beekeeping and mentor beekeeping enthusiasts. They manage their hives to keep them strong and healthy, and intend to increase the number of hives they own so that they can help with food security. They will do this by taking the bees in to pollinate orchards. They enjoy having positive conversation around bees, beekeeping, and honey. They are constantly looking at ways to assist in food security.


Barben Bees offer pollination services in the Western Cape. Over the years we have contributed to the agricultural economy by pollinating fruits crops including Blue Berries, Plums, Pears, and Apples, Blue Berries, Onions , Carrots. If you are a farmer looking for beehives to pollinate your crops drop us an email on

Services list:


Beekeeping Equipment Sales

Beekeeping Education/ Training 

Honey Sales